The only possible outcome from following The Prosperity Now Program is complete manifestation of all that you dream and desire. If you allow, accept and do your part, you will transform your life.

If you don’t believe this is true, then before you leave this page please ask yourself and answer these questions

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  • Has the plan you have been following for your life, resulted in a feeling of peace and knowing you are on purpose.
  • Have you developed and strengthened the relationships that are important to you?
  • Do you truly enjoy how you spend your time every day?
  • Are you satisfied with your financial position?
  • Is the work you do meaningful for you first and for others?
  • Have you heard that how you think determines how you feel and how you feel determines what you attract? And if you know that are you able to consistently shift your thoughts and feeling to a more peaceful and purposeful state where you are manifesting what is important to you?
  • If you have read personal growth books by some or many of the great teachers and have you found yourself feeling wonderful while reading those books only to find those feelings fading quickly and your life is still the same?
  • Do you find your emotions on a roller coaster ride with periods of feeling good followed by periods of feeling bad?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes and this program will guide you to addressing any and all of those concerns and more, then why not try it? What do you have to lose? What is stopping you from simply registering your email address for the sequential updates to this program when all of these are FREE.

If this information is so valuable, why no charge?

The on line version of this program is a shortened edition of the entire program. The complete program has already been delivered in a physical setting with an increasing frequency of very wonderful results for the Prosperity Messenger and the Prosperity Now Program participants. We have found the physical setting and print media with with multi-media support to be the formats of choice. While these venues are being developed, I wanted to begin distributing the power of The Prosperity Now Program to as many people as possible.

Too many of us are allowing external people and events control how we feel about our lives. You can co-create the life you dream and unlike when you may of heard that before, The Prosperity Now Program will give you the six easy to understand powerful steps that you are able to act upon right now that will result in you manifesting all your dreams and desires.

Discover the single reason why most people never reach their full potential for living the life of their dreams filled with peace, love, harmony, happiness and the wealth they desire. Once understood, you will know how to break down this barrier and open the flood gates to co-creating the life you love to live.

Learn exactly how and why The Prosperity Now Program works perfectly for everyone.

You will soon understand that implementing this program is almost effortless and becomes increasingly fun since you are experiencing the results of the six steps that are revealed to you.

This program cracks the code to The Secret. If you read The Secret or watched the movie of The Secret, you probably had one of two reactions: first you may have felt you understood and felt very good about the Power of The Law of Attraction; or you may have felt the material was too much like the land of make believe. If you do not believe in a Higher Source and you are not open to the possibility of you being in control of manifesting the life of your dreams then move on. All of us that have been through The Prosperity Now program send the essence of God within you unconditional love with only the best intent for your life. For those that felt there was substance behind The Secret, you are on the right path. Prosperity Now closes the gaps left by The Secret and you will learn exactly how to begin feeling and living the life you know is possible.

Prosperity Now reintroduces the handful of Universal Laws and demonstrates there is just one Foundation Law. When you understand and appreciate this one Universal Law and allow this energy to flow, you will find other Universal Laws synergistically empowering you to manifest what is important to you.

Discover foundation principles supporting the Universal Laws and why it is essential to live by these Laws. Remember there is only one to master as the rest are naturally followed once this one is mastered. The result is the manifestation of your dreams and desires because the roadblocks to your Source that has no limits to Love and Abundance evaporate.

You will be very surprised at the power of this program to make an enormous positive difference in you life. You will quickly discover the secret weapon to winning the Prosperity Now Super Bowl. This one image along with your own secret weapon that you will build can transform your life if you let it.


The God within me, honors and sends unconditional love to God within you. This greeting is the essence of The Prosperity Now Program. Remember, if you follow, accept and do your part, there is only one possible outcome from the energy you devote to The Prosperity Now Program. You will manifest all that you dream and desire.

Start today by registering now for The Prosperity Now Program by email. Enter your email address in the top right corner of this page. That’s it.

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